Vanishing Point


Just like equilibrium moves, everything moves towards a Vanishing Point.

Vanishing Point has been around long before the internet.  The internet though does not seem to have a Vanishing Point.

I always looked at Vanishing Point to be out there... in the future.  As though one day I would arrive to the Vanishing Point if I just kept walking in that direction.  And so, with that in mind is how Vanishing Point has grown.  By being in the future in thought and building our ideas now.  After all, why should we have to wait for the problems of existing products to be solved, when instead, they can all be solved before the product is made.

For example, if I use a shovel and the handle breaks, because it is made of wood or plastic fibers, then I am without the use of that shovel and my work day is either interrupted or stopped until I can get a new shovel.  However, if the shovel was designed better with the end use in mind in the beginning then it would not have broken.  And as such, would allow me to get my work done.

So, for this problem we look at the desired end result.  What do we need?  We need a shovel that will last a life time.  I buy it once, use it thousands of times and about 80 years later I give it to my children. 

That is how it should be.  A product that lasts a life time.  We have a winery and flowering gardens on our estate that we started as a hobby.  We started it back in 1989 and now over the course of 25+ years, we have had to purchase over 50 shovels.  What a huge waste of money!!  It is because of our hobby that I realized products should be made only once, purchased only once and used a life time.

Vanishing Point strives to make that happen.  We do that by spending more time thinking and less time trying to figure out how to milk you for money over the span of your life.

We make our products to last.  If our product ever fails you, we will refund the money you paid and give you a replacement.  I will personally hand the replacement over to you along with a hand written apology for having wasted your time.

Think of Vanishing Point as a company that specializes in Efficiency and Problem Solving, so that the customers end product is the best there is.

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vanishing point is in the future.  Your future!!

Vanishing Point is a company that specializes in efficiency and productivity. As well as design.  Where as design, efficiency and productivity become the main factors in influencing the end product.  In an effort to create products that are easy to use, easy to handle, easy to interact with and designed with you in mind.